CTE Credits

Cooper Dreon, Writer

Career and Technical Education credits are some of the most useful classes you can take in high school. First, they are college credits. If a high school offers CTE classes, then they must be collaborating with a nearby college to allow them to host those classes. At most high schools CTE classes like the student store, where we sell all sorts of food and snacks at lunch to help fund the school, help teach important social skills and help us learn to be responsible. CTE classes also help us find where we want our career path to end up.

CTE classes are proven to increase kids chances of graduating. In 2009, a study was done by the U.S Department of Education on 9th grade kids who focused on CTE throughout high school. 98% of those kids graduated on time, or early. Compared to the kids who didn’t focus on CTE, 86% of them graduated early or on time. CTE classes really give you necessary skills to succeed and increase your income once you graduate. Also, CTE classes help you find your desired career goal if not identified yet, or help you find a good starter career path.