Chandler Roe, Reporter

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Music is something that everyone enjoys. It can morph how people feel and help facilitate the processing of any emotion. Despite that, there seems to be a rift between the consumers and the producers of music. There can be a huge leap between the average listener and the average musician. Luckily in the city of Olympia, we happen to blessed with a huge crowd of music lovers, even within our very own school. I am here to give you the inside perspective of what it’s like to create music, as the singer and songwriter of my band Apathetic.

There are a few reasons why I create music. After years of suppressing my emotions and burying them within my psyche, I found a way to funnel my emotions into a healthy coping mechanism. I can share the turmoil and struggles I persevered through with my music, not only ridding my mind of such weight, but also hoping that others can relate to the lyrics I write. Thus reciprocating the experience that I had with the music I listen to, and giving back to the community that I cherish.

Going along the same train of thought, all my band members and I  are very opinionated people. We strongly feel the majority of teenagers remain unheard, regardless of their position in life. Yet we wanted a way out of this mindless world. We want a cycle to be broken where the youth can be taken seriously, as we are thought to be reckless and irresponsible. We want to show others that we can be intellectuals with ideologies relating to today’s world. By using music as our outlet to channel our ideas into a tangible object.

Furthermore, the three of us have struggled with many things such as mental illness or drug addiction. With our dismal view on life that many others share, we have yet to find any other thing that can truly make us feel any sense of happiness or wellness. While playing shows we dissociate from our lives it feels as if we’re traveling to another realm of existence. As if all our problems washed away and nothing else matters. Through our music. we transcend everything and become invulnerable to all that affects us, even if it is only momentarily.

Ultimately, we are all just troubled teenagers attempting to find an escape from all that tormented us. We want to be recognized for having ideas and feelings that matter, to us and to others. No matter how long that takes us to achieve, we will continue to compose & produce music that we love. Whether or not others support us, we are determined to create with the passion and energy that fuels our desires.