Student Parking: Lower Lot and Construction

Ian Buck, Reporter

December 20, 2019

Construction of a new theatrical arts center at CHS leads to issues in their lower parking lot. The lower parking lot is the new location for the theatrical arts center. As of right now, the lower lot is where they are keeping ...

Chromebooks at Capital. Is this the Future?

Ivan Fryer, Reporter

December 20, 2019

Every single student at Capital received a school issued chromebook at the beginning of this year. At this point, we are familiar with the chromebooks at school however, some students and teachers at the school have mixed opinio...

The Use of Phones in School

Kitt Kucza, Writer

December 20, 2019

In every school, there are many different types of students. You have the smart kids, the athletic kids, the good kids. But one thing that all of these kids have in common is our phones. All smartphones can access the internet, whi...

Theatrical Education and Its Current State 

John DeJesus, Reporter

December 12, 2019

As of 2019, Capital High School has started construction for an expansion of the theatre where the lower parking lot drop-off used to be, assumably to better the theatrical experience for both the audience and thespians. The foc...

How to Make Money as a Teen

Natalia Mejia, Reporter

March 19, 2019

By: Natalia Mejia 24 hours.  That’s all the time students get.  Some students choose to sacrifice something in the day to fit in all their priorities.  For some it is sleep or perhaps social interaction. Others just decide...

Expectations Parents Have For Their Children

Annikah Alcott, Writer

March 18, 2019

Through the influence of social media and media, people often compare themselves to higher and somewhat unrealistic social standards. It can be seen everywhere you go. People constantly compare themselves to others. If your h...

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