Senior Spotlight: Austin Morales

Connor Carlson

As a new student to Capital during the pandemic, I have not been able to make many friends, but Austin Morales has always been a great friend from the start of my time here. I always knew  Austin as a great basketball player and teammate, but after getting to know him over this school year, I got to see so much more of what he is like on and off the court.

We all know Austin as a very nice and hardworking person, no matter if it was school, basketball, or in a workplace. But what many people don’t know are the amazing things he has planned for next year and potentially the rest of his career. Austin plans to attend college at the University of Las Vegas to study Business Management and Marketing with a focus on the sports and entertainment industry.

Austin got his interest in business is from a class he had with Mrs. Grabski, as he says, “I took her class in high school and I’ve always found her class interesting and fun and that has stuck with me.” He plans to use the skills he learned in this class to get into the sports and film industry in hopes of becoming a GM of some sort. For those who don’t know, GM stands for General Manager, and it is the position of running a sports team.

Aside from going to a great college with an amazing career path, Austin plans on taking part in some awesome side opportunities to help him succeed in this pathway. He plans on doing an internship with the University of Las Vegas basketball team, and in doing this, he will be a big part of the program and will gain some valuable experience. Not only will he be a part of the college program, but he is also going to do an internship with the USA basketball team for the next two summers an amazing opportunity and achievement. 

Austin has made many achievements through out his high school career and he has a lot of amazing things planned for the rest of his schooling career from going to a great college to getting the opportunity to take part in amazing internships. If you haven’t been able to meet Austin or many other amazing people at Capital I strongly recommend doing it!