How are the cohorts affected by the new hybrid schedule?


Empty classroom at Capital High School.

Gwen Touney, Journalist

Recently, Capital High School adopted a four-day hybrid schedule, with Wednesdays off. This being in contrast to the previous two-day and completely virtual schedules. Students, with great influence from their guardians, are able to choose whether they would like to return to school or stay completely virtual, attending classes over zoom. 

Juliane Alston, a sophomore who decided to continue virtual learning, says “I enjoy the extra time to do assignments. I also enjoy that a few of my classes are check-ins, so I am able to have more free time and work more at my own pace,”. Similar to Alston, many virtual students agree that the flexibility that comes along with virtual schooling is helpful for them.

In comparison, Moira Kelley, a student that had originally wanted to finish her sophomore year virtually, ended up returning to in-person learning. She expresses, “Now that I am back, I prefer in-person. I am learning and retaining information so much better now that I am able to communicate with my teachers more.” In-person learning is a great option for hands-on learners, and provides a sense of normalcy for students during uncertain times. 

While the new schedule provides numerous benefits to Capital students, many agree there is much to be improved before students are satisfied with the plan. When asked what changes should be made, Kelley answers, “I would make the classes shorter and allow students to have Coug Time again, so we can meet with our clubs and teachers in person,”. Several students, both virtual and in-person, express trouble focusing due to the ninety-minute classes. Even so, it’s frequently addressed that students and staff do not want to adjust to another schedule change with the end of the school year rapidly approaching. 

Currently, both cohorts provide benefits to different types of students. Virtual learning provides a flexible schedule and the ability to self-manage. On the other hand, in-person learning is very beneficial to hands-on learners and social students, as well as supplies a better line of communication between students and teachers.