The Distillers Release New Music After 15 Years

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The Distillers Release New Music After 15 Years

Max Hesse-Morgan, Page Editor

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LA based punk band The Distillers have released their first new song since the band’s album “The Coral Fang” in 2003, and their break up in 2006. The song entitled “Man Vs. Magnet” was released on September 12th 2018.

It’s been four years since lead singer of The Distillers; Brody Dalle released her solo album “Diploid Love,” a toned down work compared to the sound of the distillers.This is the first release from her since 2014.

The song features Dalle’s classic, gritty, voice, along with heavy guitar and drums through it. Giving it a very classic Distillers vibe, similar to the songs found on their album “Sing Sing Death House.”

Along with the release of the new single, “Blood in Gutters” was re-released as a B-Side to the single, which was originally sung by Dalle on her 2014 album.

With the release of the new single, The Distillers released their first tour dates in over a decade, starting in Vancouver BC and ending in Las Vegas Nevada after the release of the new single.

  Revolver Magazine, a metal and rock magazine that’s been active since 2000, reviewed their Austin show at The Mohawk. The tour was welcomed by fans with passion and energy from the crowd screaming along to the lyrics of every song. 

The Distillers’ reunion tour in 2018 Theirfirst tour in fourteen years, was full of intensity from the crowd, and “searing with punk nostalgia.”

As well as playing “a well-curated selection from all three albums with almost no breaks in between and no encore,” says Revolver.

With the release of “Man Vs. Magnet,” it’s hard to say what the future of The Distillers will be.

“It was honestly one of the best concert-going experiences of my life,” says Lex Voight of of their show at The Observatory. 

Fans hope the band will release more songs, a welcome sight after the previous fifteen years without any new music, but it’s hard to say since there hasn’t been any news from the band after their previous tour.