Future Holiday Vacation Spots

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Future Holiday Vacation Spots

Cecilio Danila, Reporter

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There are so many things that you all love doing during the holidays, such as spending time with family, or taking a vacation. Vacation spots can be very difficult to find, not knowing where to go, how high the prices will be, and if it even looks like that picture you found online, so here are some solutions to your traveling needs.

Finding a place to rest for the night should be the first step. Some hotels won’t be open in particular places on the holidays and it’s a good idea to do research on where to travel. Different places have different hotels for all your needs, visiting the website Travel + Leisure is a good place to start. Taking a look at AirBnB.com allows you to see where to stay on your holiday location.Trip Advisor is a website created for users to find their perfect vacation spot whether it is on the holidays or not.

No matter what grade you are traveling will always be a hassle, it’s all part of the process of having a vacation while being a student. Seniors, when traveling should always go with friends because it’s your last year before going off into the world. Juniors should pick a far away spot from all the troubles of life, school. Sophomores go with family, spend as much time with them as you can before going into the new year. Freshmen, should have as much leisure time as possible before you are done being coddled and have bigger responsibilities to take care of.

Knowing your budget and how much to spend is a good start for finding that spot, then doing research on the right sites is the next step. Trip Advisor has a “sort by” button and setting that to lowest price will show the most affordable prices for the hotels you are looking for. From the East hemisphere to the West hemisphere spending the time with your family in the perfect spot is the best way to spend your holiday vacation.

Cecilio Danila, Writer

Cecilio Danila is currently a senior in Capital High School, his expected graduation date is June of 2019. His educational skills includes experience in...

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Future Holiday Vacation Spots