Black Friday and the Threat it Poses to Human Decency



U.S. spends more and more on Black Friday

Jarod Stevens, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration for what you have and to spend some quality time with others. 

However, a few days later comes Black Friday, a time when we all don the battle gear, grab the coupons that won’t be accepted, and bid a fond farewell to the friends, who were smart enough to stay home, as we all charge into the hordes of eager shoppers, crowding stores in the hopes of getting all the things we orginally said we were ok without having, on sale.

  It’s a common saying that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can pay for your hospital bills after you get trampled trying to get to that Black Friday sale at Target.

Black Friday is a great idea from a marketing standpoint, but from the perspective of the seller it is a barbaric tradition that turns perfectly fine stores into blood soaked hell-scapes. It turns peaceful people into money spending, commsumerists without a thought to any form of ethical balance between purchases and furute dumps overflowing with objects that can not decompose.

Black Friday Death Count, a website that has been monitoring the deaths that occur on Black Friday nationwide since 2006, describes some of the events that happened this year. It is a morbid fascination for many of us to learn about such situations.

This year, a 27 year old man was shot to death in a parking lot in South Keys, Ottawa, another man was wounded in a New Jersey shopping mall during a shooting, two people were stabbed at Macy’s in Destiny USA, another shooting in Memphis, in Alabama, one dead, two wounded in a mall shooting, one of which was a 12 year old. Year after year, the death count gets higher and higher, albeit slowly, but many of us would like to see any deaths on this day not happen at all, due to shopping.

Black Friday is a horrific reminder of just how inhumane people can be.

An article written by Joe Gould, Clare Trapasso and Rich Schapiro, for the New York Daily News, Titled, Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede is just such a story we are uunfortunately all familiar with.

The story describes an incident in 2008, in which a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death while nobody noticed that they were killing a person.

“After the throng toppled [the victim], his fellow employees had to fight through the crowd to help him, police said. Witness Kimberly Cribbs said shoppers acted like ‘savages.’”

Shoppers were too focussed on getting their discounted crap to realize they were walking over a person, and by the time they noticed it was already too late.

  Black Friday has caused a lot of damage, so much that can’t even be repaired by Flex Tape.

Black Friday should be cancelled until people learn how to behave like human insteads of greedy monsters who only care about material objects.