Returning CHS Counselor Has Heart

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Returning CHS Counselor Has Heart

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By: Donovan Long

It was 1976, Apple computers have just been released and “Rocky” was showing in local cinemas around the country. Principal Larry Norwood, Mr. Les Holliday and many other brilliant minds formed the school that we know today, Capital High School. Principal Norwood had one core philosophy in mind that shone above all the others: making an atmosphere of kids first.

Along with Norwood’s legendary charisma, Counselor, Les Holliday worked with him as one of our beginning student counselors. His philosophy was formed early and is a core part of who he is and helped shape the foundation of Capital High School today.

The oldest of four boys growing up, Holliday learned at an early age that treating those younger and less experienced than us with a great deal of love and respect can go a long way. Back in those ancient times, he played a great deal of baseball with his brothers and teaching a handful of kids from the Indian Reservation the art of swinging a bat and catching the ball.

Holliday is a strong believer of love, kindness and respect, “kindness should be purposeful and relentless,” he says, “be kind all the time.”

“You know what my biggest pet peeve is?” He asked me. “Random acts of kindness. It should have intent. When it’s random, you lack the intention of showing respect.” Grace, humor, dignity and creating happy and successful students and staff riddle each and every word he speaks to the students who talk with him.

“He was a natural helper,” says Kristi Bonds, CHS Librarian, “He liked to listen. Always had kids coming to him just to talk: ‘let’s sit and talk this out’ he would say, a true counselor.”

Les Holliday believed that people always do the best they can; they just need a little room to find it. “He has an amazing heart for kids,” says Ms. Anderson, CHS Vice Principal, “and will do whatever he can to help everyone feel on the table.”

Mr. Holliday left a very warm, positive impact on Capital in his forty years of being with us; and has continued his positivity since. His calling is to us; and remains to this day. He will be in place of Mr. Komschlies until December 8th. So, feel free to talk with him; not only a relic of the days gone by, but of the great ones that we can connect with today.

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Returning CHS Counselor Has Heart